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We offer a wide range of features that make up your Plotabl

Points & Rewards

Give users points and rewards for interacting within your 3D World

Collectible Items

Create a collectible that will allow users to engage with parts of your continent before, during, and after your event.

3D Environments

Pick a 3-D environment to host your presentation and allow users to join and interact with your content.

Interactive Plotabls

Create a new or customize, a pre-existing collectible objects for your promotion of your feature presentation. Allow users to unlock content weekly as the digital collectible evolves with new features and gameplay.

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Potabl Production Days

Choose your time slot for your recording of your digital experience presentation during our monthly media days. Brands can also host their own media days for all of their affiliates that want to record content for their digital experience. This also acts as a great time to collaborate, and to maximize production time.

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Purchase Experiences for your next presentation get access to our marketplace to look through our catalog of digital experiences from our creative+ plus member’s catalog.

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Motion Capture

Digital Twin

3D Scanning

Production Services

View all of our cutting edge services with Plotabl. We provide a number of production services to allow the best outcome for any project!

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